Klasikvm Ensemble

music keeps the spirit alive


What instruments are you playing at?

The base of our ensemble formula is the flute quartet. A flute quartet consists of flute,  violin, viola and violoncello. Our music is arranged specifically for this ensemble, but it’s our job to adapt it to your needs. Trio can be made from flute, violin, cello and the quintet from flute quartet + piano/keyboards or string quartet + bass/bass guitar, according to your requirements. Also, chamber or symphony orchestra budget oriented formula are available.

Do I need to book a long time in advance?

Always booking in advance is a good idea.  A last minute booking is always possible, it worths asking.

Can you perform a music by request program for my event?

Sure do. Our experience in Huis Ten Bosch can play the game. We set together the program and write the song list in advance. Your guests can choose the tune that they would like to hear.

Can you arrange a specific song and performed it to our event?

Yes, we can! Though this service is not included and requires extra charges, arranging for quartet is our specialty. You choose the song and we’ll arranging and performing it for your pleasure.

What will we wear?

Usually, formal dress such as tails, black dinner jacket for the gentlemen and long black or coloured dresses/tops for the ladies. The gentlemen can also wear normal day suits or smart shirt/trousers to create a more informal look.