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Why Klasikvm Ensemble

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Why Klasikvm Ensemble? First, let’s explain our name. The name Klasikvm means classic and express elegance and excellence. We’re the classic guys that are using  the “V” instead of “U” within our name for the respect to our own language, romanian, that comes from latin, where “v” stands for “u”.

In the entertainment music business it’s quite hard to find exactly the right formula that can grab the audience’s attention and at the same time create positive feelings, feelings that will later turn into special memories.

With this in mind, the KLASIKVM Quartet seeks to provide the best music for different audience situations and different music tastes. We provide professional qualified help with all types of musical entertainment projects, especially designed and created to fulfill even the most demanding requirements.

Our team is proud and honored to offer you our services, which can meet any and all of your musical needs. We are happy to perform classical and entertainment music in piano-bars, hotel lounges, restaurants, casinos and any other similar places and/or at special events (for example, festivities, conferences, big openings, business meetings, etc.) and other special moments and occasions like weddings, birthdays, celebrations, and parties. Our ensemble, has been playing at a whole variety of venues, for all sorts of events and occasions. We have been requested to play at prestige events in many sumptuous places, and our ensemble is made up of the classical string quartet, but not limited to.

Certified professional musicians, not only with an extensive repertoire but also with solid and thorough training and wide experience in organizing live concerts and performing shows, can provide you with the solutions that your event or location are seeking.

This ensemble has provided an intense performing activity, such as touring concerts, recitals and festivals, both in Romania and abroad, highly evaluated by competent authorities as well as by the large audience. The appearances on TV and radio,which enjoyed great success as well as the recordings and collaborations with other ensembles and orchestras, established us as a professional string quartet,who can play anything, anytime, anywhere.

KLASIKVM Quartet can always provide the right music for the right place, to suit all refined tastes: from all-time favorite classical works to café-concert, evergreen music, jazz, tango and much more, to fit perfectly with your needs!

With an impressive repertoire, running at over 10 hours of continuous play, KLASIKVM Quartet can always out-perform the competition by bringing you quality along with quantity.